Jane Walker – Lining Up

18.01.2024 – 24.01.2024


A solo exhibition by Jane Walker taking further her use of line in 2-D work.

This exhibition is about putting different media and approaches to painting together to look for a direction. There is much experiment, but it needs to find an identity. By putting all the work together in a beautiful gallery it will start a discussion.

I am so grateful to Redcar Contemporary Art Gallery for this opportunity at this time to show my work.
Texture keeps coming back in my work, that is why I have recently cut out the colour. For me colour and music are really entwined. It is almost looking at a dialogue that I imagine between the painter Delacroix and the composer Chopin, in painting and music they are both concerned with chromaticism. In my work there are slight shifts in the colours, like small changes in a red area and in the way light reflects in the colour patches.

Stitching has some meaning for me. It is another way of making lines, of drawing. I used the stitched lines as a new way of confining colour, giving a different character to a painted boundary line. But the stitches have a texture and it is this aspect that I am exploring at the moment, I have added collage to increase the texture. I noticed how similar the lines I was using to depict cities were to the lines made by threads running through fruit netting. Most of the netting has been collected from fruit that has been bought.
In Autumn 2023 I re-visited some previous work, the ‘fast lines’ these represented the contemporary city. I added fossilized corals, patterns of life that have been static for 200 million years. I am still working through the fast lines and corals with threads, as well as accumulations and deposits. The surfaces are uncertain, some of the threads are not anchored, others are painted over and embedded into the surface.

What I have learnt recently is that I need to spend a long time on a piece for it to be right. Although I have done this in the past I have never been sure of it or consistent in working through things.

2024-01-18 – 11.00 Uhr

daily from 11.00 – 16.00 Uhr


Redcar Contemporary Art Gallery
13 west Terrace, Redcar
GB Redcar TS10 1DS

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