KUN:ST Newsletter Nr. 54
February 2021
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Dear KUN:ST artist

What is there to report in a time when art and exhibition activities are coming to a standstill? In any case, these are also times of change, because many things now have to be adjusted and these are times when our course is set for the route ahead of us.

The pandemic has shaken our calendar quite a lot, but this is how our 2021 schedule is planned:

First half of 2021

Accompanying and throughout the year we announced this month in a detailed newsletter 'Boredom in Corona times? our virtual exhibition 'Aufbruch', which met with unexpectedly high interest. Many thanks for that. Registrations for this exhibition are possible all year round:
Registration Aufbruch

The gallery in Leonberg is closed until March 31st. It is a time to do some house keeping. We have searched our warehouse, many artworks have literally 'nested' there and we are trying to give them back to their 'rightful owners'. At the same time, we are simplifying our processes, e.g. the remuneration system for our volunteer supporters or the warehouse accounting.

In April it is to start with the simultaneous show opening on April 4th of the solo exhibition Eva Michelien in the Kunstsalon and the exhibition LALUNA in the gallery. In May (show opening on May 2nd) the exhibition 'Die Neuen' will follow in the entire Kunstquartier. In June (show opening on May 30th) we have the Werkbund Bildender Künstler from Essen as guests in the gallery and our Eva Vogt presents in the Kunstsalon. At the same time, we will be exhibiting in Essen.

Second half of 2021

The second half of the year is also fully planned. In July - with a show opening on June 27th - we show the KUN:ST Art Prize exhibition in the gallery and Klaus Biliczky in the Kunstsalon. The selection for the art prize exhibition itself has been completed. We will inform you about the results at the beginning of February. In order to bridge the time etween now and the KUN:ST Art Prize exhibition, we are launching an online public voting award, which we will announce when the participants are announced.

August is still a bit 'shaky' in terms of show set up.. What is certain is that we are showing Regine Lechner-Grotz in a solo exhibition in our art cellar. The date of the show opening this month is August 8th. Since this is also a good month for summer festivals and other community activities, we are still working on the August program. In August we can also use the orangery in the castle park and we will publish the invitation to tender in February.

In September we have our Inge Louven and her gallery as a guest in the gallery and we look forward to the exhibition 'What remains?' In September we will also book a ooth at ARTe Wiesbaden, because our art award winners will definitely be there. In order to enable our members who are less mobile to participate, we will offer a limited number of walls with a wall width of 3 or 4 meters for participation. This call for tenders will also come in February.

After that, we will switch in our gallery to a six-week exhibition rhythm for the first time, which we want to maintain in 2022.

For October and the first half of November we have arranged an exchange exhibition with the Kunstverein Obere Nahe. During that time we are also showing the artists Gabriele Hirschfeld and Angela Eichhorn in our Kunstsalon. The show opening for both exhibitions is October 3, 2021.

Our own exhibition opening in the Nahe valley is on October 29, 2021 and we will be exhibiting in the gallery there until November 21. The call for applications has already been published and we invite our artists to apply for this exhibition:
Registration Obere Nahe - autumn views (Herbstsichten)

And then our Merry Christmas exhibition will follow again in December. This format is by far our most successful format in terms of sales. In these days we have delivered the last of the more than 30 artworks sold in 2020 exhibition - despite the pandemic. The show opening will be November 14th and we will show Marlis G Schill in the Kunstsalon. And in December, as an association, we want to go to the ART Basel Week in Miami - and this call for application has already been announced:
Registration Miami Sunshine

This is our full year schedule. Let's hope together that we will be able to execute it like this - or at least in a very similar way.

Change in management board

Times of change are also times of personnel changes.

Birgit Schryvers and Peter Wichmann have decided to resign from their duties in the gallery and on the board of our association. It is always unfortunate when the we loose active supporters. The board of directors, me personally, but also everyone else who got to know Birgit and Peter in their roles, would like to thank them for their continuous, active and one must almost say devoted support and cooperation in the Kuntsquartier in Leonberg. We all say thank you and hope that both will remain supportive to our association.

In the meantime, the Management Board has already discussed and assessed the options to continue. The board of directors agrees that the gallery offer in Leonberg is an important element of the value proposition of the association. That is why we want to create sustainable structures that offer the gallery the prospect of staying for at least 3-5 years. We decouple the activities in Leonberg from a function within the association and advertise the positions internally and externally for recruitment. A detailed job description is already available that we will communicate right after our board meeting on February 9th. We would be very happy if you would then also distribute these widely in your networks so that we can reach the largest possible number of potential candidates.

Stay in touch

In these times it is important to stay in digital dialogue. For this we have our online overview of our key topics:

New members

As always, we look forward to welcome new members. This time, at the turn of the year, we welcome Frank Hertfelder, Bea Garding Schubert, Karin Döring, Kerstin Sagebiel, Margit Lohr, Anne Reichenbach, Sabrina Seck, Susanne Haase, Valentin Haase und Ilenia Lanari. We look forward to active participation, getting to know each other personally and many joint exhibitions and projects.
Liebe Grüsse
Andreas Kerstan, 1. Vorsitzender Kunst Stuttgart International e.V.
Andreas Kerstan
Kunst Stuttgart International e.V.