KUN:ST Newsletter Nr. 53
January 2021
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Dear KUN:ST artist

I wish you all a healthy, successful and artistically inspiring Happy New Year 2021. So much has already been said and written about the pandemic year 2020. It is now behind us, it doesn't need any more words, including none of mine. Let's look at ourselves, let's look ahead.

KUN:ST International is now five years old. We have a stable membership base of just over 400 members. Financially, we are doing surprisingly well, which is also due to the fact that we only have very little opportunities to really spend money and our board members Petra Schmidt, Eva Vogt and Sonja Hatzelmann have sorted our successfully how to apply for and receive Corona aids. Our objectives for 2021 are to keep our number of members stable, to continue to operate financially soundly and to have a general meeting that brings us all back together - also physically. At the moment we are seeing this event shortly before the summer vacation.

Gallery exhibitions

In our KUN:ST gallery we kept our exhibition operations going until just before Christmas. But art not only deserves to be shown, it also deserves to be seen. For us, this means that we start moving our gallery exhibitions to later time slots of the year. We started with the exhibition 'Die Neuen', which we moved from January to May. And that will certainly not be the last exhibition that we will have to move. We will decide on the KUN:ST art prize exhibition after the federal/ state meeting at the end of the first week of January. And we still have exhibitions from last year to catch up, the LA LUNA exhibition and our exchange exhibition with the WBK Essen.

KUN:ST Quartier

In May 2021 our KUN:ST Quartier will be three years old. At this point the fixed rental period of three years ends and we will therefore have to decide in 2021 whether and in what form we will continue the rental agreement and thus the gallery. I don't know anyone who doesn't see the KUN:ST Quartier as an enriching offer of our art association. In the current model, however, too much work, too much volunteer work, is spread over too few shoulders. In order to continue to be successful, we have to resolve this and the first scenarios are on the table for discussions.

On the road

For the past five years, one of our core activities has been that we also go 'on a journey' with the artworks of our members. We plan to do the same in 2021, but only in the second half of the year for reasons of caution. We will be exhibiting in the Orangerie in Schwetzingen Castle in August and we will join the ART Basel Week in Miami in December 2021. We have already announced that we will participate in the Red Dot Miami 2021 under the theme 'Miami Sunshine':
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To use the words of the German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier, the light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter. Let's stay careful, let's stay healthy, but let's keep moving.

On my own matters

So let's keep moving. My personal year 2020 ends with eight children and five grandchildren, which is three grandchildren more than at the beginning of the year :-). And that's not all, in my old days I founded another company together with the shareholders of Messe Sindelfingen, the ARTe Kunstmessen GmbH, into which all previous ARTe activities of Messe Sindelfingen and my own event and gallery activities have been incorporated. This bundling and focusing hold the promise of more ARTe events with even higher quality, improved and more services and, last but not least, stability and continuity beyond me person.

This also means that ARTe will find new and cool venues. We start with the ARTe Kunstsalon from 23.-25. July 2021 in the Bodenseeforum in Konstanz, the largest city on Lake Constance, in the middle of the four-country region. All information is here:
Constance information sheet

We are now accepting online registrations:
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All the best and kind regards
Andreas Kerstan, 1. Vorsitzender Kunst Stuttgart International e.V.
Euer Andreas Kerstan
Kunst Stuttgart International e.V.