KUN:ST Newsletter Nr. 47
July 2020
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Dear KUN:ST artist

art life is slowly starting again. Our Kunstquartier is open and visitors are coming again. At this time we are presenting our art prize exhibition and then starting from July 23rd the big summer exhibition, for which we plan to have a show opening event on July 26th - and then there we are back in our 'pre-corona exhibition calendar'.

Important in this newsletter are our 2020 art prize winners, we are announcing the Merry Christmas exhibition, we have set up an evening program for our general annual meeting and we have set the course for 2021 in a board planning meeting.

And many have also noticed that an email with a fraud background from a Mr. Pascale Louvrate came through the system last month. And there will always be things that we cannot prevent. What worked really well, however, was that we received several inquiries within a few hours, whether that was 'serious', that it quickly became clear that this was not the case and that we could protect ourselves very well thanks to our / your vigilance.

KUN:ST Art Prize

On June 6th the winners in our art prize contest were selected. We would like to express our sincere thanks to the art collector Gerlinde Wolf and to the art historians Dr. Anette Ochsenwadel and Regina M. Fischer, who together took on the task for us to select the award winners.

The award winners and the participants in the art prize contest have already been informed. Today I am happy to announce the KUN:ST award winners 2020 to everyone else. The entire board - and I personally, of course, especially - congratulate all winners, it is always very special to receive such recognition, congratulations to:

George Emil Odthermat (1st place), Natalie Simonenko (1st place), Kornelia Kirschner-Liss ( 1st place), Gabriele Middelmann, Monika Bendner, Dalya Taffet, Betty Schmidt, Erich Geiger and Manfred Wendel.

If you want to know which artworks have received an award, here is a small animation:

General Annual Meeting

We have already invited separately to the general annual meeting on October 31. We have now set up an evening program. After the meeting, we will drive to the Höfingen castle hotel a few kilometers away and end the evening there with a nice 'get together': https://www.schloss-höfingen.com/

The hotel has 10 rooms, which we have all reserved for the night. So if you want to reserve a room from October 31st to November 1st, please contact us. Accommodation costs 50 euros in a single room and 75 euros for 2 people in a double room.

The board met a few days ago for a planning meeting for the course in 2021. We will present the results in detail at the general meeting. In any case, important points are that we focus on what is important to our members - and in this context, importance means that what we offer is also asked for and paid for. And we have demand e.g. for international art fair participation or exhibitions in the Kunstquartier, which we will continue throughout 2021. On the other hand, we'll skip our extensive print offers or we discontinue the art academy. And in this context, I am pleased to announce that our Soussen will take over effective immediately the task of our online marketing, where we currently have a tremendous need – e.g. in Quartify.


The registration deadline for our summer exhibition ended yesterday. Our Peter Wichmann will now quickly inform all participants.

The exhibition will take place from July 23, 2020 to August 30, 2020 in the KUN:ST Quartier.

We cordially invite you to the show opening on Sunday, July 26, 2020, at 11:15 a.m.


We are announcing our 2020 Merry Christmas exhibition today. This year, the exhibition will take place from November 26, 2020 to January 3, 2021. For everyone who knows the format: it has not changed compared to the previous year.

For everyone else: it is a very special and popular format known to our customers, in which we only sell artworks that cost 300 euros :-)
The starting signal has been given, all information and the possibility to register are on our registration website:

The Professions Project

Currently there is still the possibility to register for the Professions Project, which we will show in the KUN:ST Quartier in October.
The Professions Project Anmeldung

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Andreas Kerstan, 1. Vorsitzender Kunst Stuttgart International e.V.
Your Andreas Kerstan
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