KUN:ST Newsletter Nr. 46
June 2020
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Dear KUN:ST artist

Our exhibition activities were still resting in May and the highlight of the past month was certainly that we applied for, received and paid for the Corona emergency aid from the state of Baden-Württemberg. Petra Schmidt made the application for us and we say thank you to Petra, because with this emergency aid our association remains on course financially.

We are now continuously expanding our Quartify online shop with new artists and artworks, and we are now presenting our KUN:ST shop, as already reported separately, as the best of two worlds: online presence in Quartify and gallery presence in the KUN:ST Quartier.

Looking ahead, the reopening of the KUN:ST Quartier is now imminent. Starting June 4th, the KUN:ST Quarter will open its doors again during normal opening times. Visitors are very welcome. The hygiene and distance rules for retailers in Baden-Württemberg apply.

KUN:ST Art Prize

With the reopening, the art prize exhibition and the awarding of the art prizes 2020 will be our first exhibition. The art award exhibition will take place from June 4 to July 19, 2020. During this period, we will select and award the art prizes and the official communication of all winners will start from June 11th.


After the KUN:ST Prize exhibition and as the second exhibition after reopening, we present the exhibition SKULPTUREN-DAVID-GOLIATH, which was combined from the previously planned exhibitions 'sculptures summer' and 'David & Goliath'.

This exhibition will take place from July 23, 2020 to August 30, 2020 in the KUN:ST Quartier, the registration deadline is June 30, 2020 and we still have enough space for new registrations.

For the 'David & Goliath' part of the exhibition there is the new information that the New York artworks are now back in Germany, they are in the Schenker warehouse in Berlin and from there - in early September - they are going directly back to New York again.

Registrations by June 30, please use one of the following two registration pages:
Skulpturen Anmeldung
David&Goliath Anmeldung


With the opening of our KUN:ST Quartier, our KUN:ST shop also opens again. Here we present artworks to take away: Come. See. Buy. In a separate area of the gallery we present selected artworks regardless of the respective exhibitions. Registrations for the KUN:ST Shop are possible at any time.
KUN:ST Shop Anmeldung


We are now running our new online shop QUARTIFY ART SHOPPING for a little over a month. On average, we had just over 200 visitors a day in the shop (and sold 1 product) in the past month. Here we hope for significantly higher visitor numbers as soon as we start placing online advertisements, what we will do, as soon as we have the person on board who will do this for us permanently. Our artists can register for Quartify at any time.
QUARTIFY Anmeldung

The Professions Project

Currently there is still the possibility to register for the Professions Project, which we will show in the KUN: T Quartier in October.
The Professions Project Anmeldung

News at a glance

Important for everyone for their own orientation is our website. Here you'll find

A personal word at the end

We don't just win new members, we also lose ones. Not surprisingly for the age structure in our association, we loose some friends forever. And the better you knew the person and the contact has been, the more affected am I. And last month we lost a life-loving and friendly artist friend forever. Such a newsletter is not the place to remember people. But it can be a place to pause, to realize how valuable time is, maybe also how important community is these days, and to think quietly about those who have not been forgotten.
All the best and kind regards
Andreas Kerstan, 1. Vorsitzender Kunst Stuttgart International e.V.
Your Andreas Kerstan
Kunst Stuttgart International e.V.