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Dear KUN:ST friends

We started our KUN:ST journey a little more than four years ago. From the beginning, two principles have set our direction:

global reach - an international and unlimited approach and appearance of our association and, as a second principle, professionalism.

Both principles combined with the financial limitations of a non-profit art association have always forced compromises in the past. Therefor it is important not to lose sight of the goal even with compromises and it is equally important to focus on professionalism despite minimal budgets.

Today is another day that sets a milestone for our association. It has long been a desire to remove our web shop from its miserable corner of our website and to place it prominently and on an equal footing with the large shop pages of the German art market. We did that. We announce today


- a new webshop for artworks in the German art market and beyond. The Quartify web shop is already 'live'. Every artist who has presented artworks in the existing web shop has already 'moved' with his artist information and with his artworks to the new platform.

In the design of our shop, we naturally looked a lot at what web shops value and what could be important to us. All art web shops suffer from the fact that there is an unmanageably large and unexplained range of artworks. And that's why we decided that it is not the volume that matters, but the story, the explanation that it is about understanding art and that is why our slogan is


We want to arouse understanding of artworks and that's why we also decided to work with a team of curators. A curator should help the artist to select the 'right' artworks and tell the 'right' story. And if you have the time and desire to work as a curator, you are welcome to contact and join us.

In addition, there is only one important point. Quartify is not only available for artists from our association, but the shop is positioned that it is open to all artists. And of course we want to promote Quartify more and in different ways in the future and we want to do that especially with the money that we collect from third parties participation. For you, for our artists, nothing has changed - if you want to participate in Quartify, the rules are the same and you apply as before with a registration via our associations website.

We invite you to visit our new webshop QUARTIFY ART SHOPPING.

And we also invite you to send us any suggestions or correctoins, which we will then incorporate 'on the fly'.

Our shop sets standards - in a landscape of art associations in any case more than 100% - but we don't have to hide from the other platforms in any way either. And if an artist friend says to you in the future that there is now a new platform called Quartify, then you can say: of course, I know - this is my association – isn't that a cool thing :-) and we can all be kind of proud.

And we all have to be very proud of our Betty Schmidt, who (almost) single-handedly made Quartify for us - thanks, Betty :-)
All the best and kind regards
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Your Andreas Kerstan
Kunst Stuttgart International e.V.