KUN:ST Newsletter Nr. 45
May 2020
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Dear KUN:ST artist

welcome to May and to oue 'new normal life' as politicians now put it. And to always remain positive, there are already first loosenings regarding the corona restrictions, which also have a positive impact on our exhibition avtiviters. So what's important this month?

And the important things to know for this month are:
  • our exhibition operations over the summer will be streamlined until August 31
  • our KUN:ST shop will also be re-opened starting from June 4th
  • our new art platform QUARTIFY ART SHOPPING is 'live'
  • the activities of the KUN:ST Akademie will continued to be be limited to online offers. Until the end of May we offer our workshop "Social Media for Artists" free of charge. If you are interested, please contact our lecturer Soussen (hello@soussen.art)
  • Registrations for our exhibitions and projects are again possible and welcome

KUN:ST Quartier

In an extraordinary board meeting on Tuesday, April 21, the board decided on the further course of action regarding our activities in the KUN:ST Quartier until August 31. The KUN:ST Quarter will be re-opened to the public startjng from Thursday, June 4th. We'll openduring our normal opening times (Thursday to Sunday).

Like all other retailers, we comply with the hygiene regulations and then have e.g. a limitation to a maximum of 10 people present at the same time in the gallery (including the gallery staff). Until August 31st there is a ban on events in Baden-Württemberg and this means that we will have no events until at least August 31st and therefore no vernissage or other events for an art award ceremony.

In the period from June to August we will only show two exhibitions for an extended period, the art price exhibition is one of the two exhibitions. The first exhibition under hopefully normal circumstances will then take place in September with a vernissage on September 6th and with this exhibition we will be back in our normal exhibition calendar.

KUN:ST Art Prize

With the reopening, the art prize exhibition and the awarding of the art prizes 2020 will be our first exhibition and that means:
  • the art prize exhibition will take place from June 4 to July 19, 2020
  • all artworks participatingin the KUN:ST Art Prize 2020 can already be found online on our Quartify platform:
    QUARTIFY Kunstpreis 2020
  • the first day of the exhibition is Thursday, June 4th. A separate show opening is not planned
The art prizes will be juried from June 4th to 7th. Immediately afterwards, we will notify the winners individually and offer to make a small video of the individual handover of the art prize in the gallery and the official communication of all winners will then take place starting from June 11th.


After the art award exhibition and as the second exhibition after reopening, we want to offer two planned exhibitions in one, that - due to the interruption caused by the Corona crisis - would only be possible to a limited extent in the original form.

We are combining the previous exhibitions 'Sculpture Summer' and 'David & Goliath' in one exhibition under the working title SKULPTUREN-DAVID-GOLIATH.

The exhibition will take place from July 23, 2020 to August 30, 2020 in the KUN:ST Quartier and the registration deadline is June 30, 2020. We will transfer all previous registrations for one of the two previous exhibitions to the new exhibition. There are enough exhibition spaces at the moment.

For the 'David & Goliath' part of the exhibition there is the peculiarity that the original idea (we show the artworks from New York) will not work, because the New York artworks will be in a customs warehouse at the time of the exhibition, because - according to the current status - they have to be shipped back to the USA mid August. So if you want to register for David & Goliath, you have to do that with artworks that are not part of the USA shipment. In order to simplify registrations, we lift the format restriction in a way that we allow all square formats for the exhibition.

Registrations by June 30, please use one of the following two registration pages:
Skulpturen registration
David&Goliath registration


With the opening of our KUN:ST Quarter, also our KUN:ST shop will be re-opened again. In the KUN:ST shop we offer artworks: COME. SEE. BUY. In a separate area of the gallery we present selected artworks independently of the respective exhibitions - and in Corona times we also present all artworks in QUARTIFY ART SHOPPING:
KUN:ST Shop registration


We announced our new online shop QUARTIFY ART SHOPPING last month and detailed it in a separate newsletter. We have been operating QUARTIFY 'live' for around two weeks. Our artists can register for QUARTIFY at any time:
QUARTIFY registration

We are also asked whether we also post artworks of non-members. We will do that, but not at the present time, because we have to deal with the demands of our own members first. And this includes in particular right now a concept for online marketing campaigns, which we have now designed and want to test first with our first registrations.

The Professions Project

And last but not least, there is still the possibility to register for the Professions Project, which we will show in the KUN:ST Quartier towards the end of the year:
The Professions Project registration

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All the best and kind regards
Andreas Kerstan, Chairman Kunst Stuttgart International e.V.
Your Andreas Kerstan
Kunst Stuttgart International e.V.