KUN:ST Newsletter Nr. 41
January 2020
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Dear KUN:ST artist

First of all, I wish you and all of us a Happy New Year. Our joint art journey is now in its fifth year - and with well-filled sails we will continue to sail the sea of art successfully in 2020 as well. In January the show opening of our members exhibition and the registration deadline for our art prize 2020 are important. In the latter we still have free seats and if you are having a hard time with the title 'fourth dimension', we also accept two- and three-dimensional artworks :-).

Eiszeit (ice age)

In January we will be presenting our member exhibition Eiszeit (ice Age) in the KUN:ST Quarter in Leonberg. The artworks of the exhibition are already on our website (https://kun-st-international.de/mitgliederausstellung-2020-eiszeit/) and give an idea of how frosty the exhibition will be. We cordially invite you to visit the Eiszeit (Ice age) exhibition from January 9-26, 2020 and on the show opening on Sunday, January 12, 2020 starting 11:00 am.

Yearbook 2020

Our Frühjahrsputz (spring cleaning) project of the yearbook ended successfully in December. More than 30 artists have taken the opportunity to be newly registered or to have made changes to their existing entry, making our yearbook an up-to-date compendium of the art of our members. The online version will be available in mid-January and the print version at the end of January. Artists may register themselves all year round:

KUN:ST Art Prize 2020

Exhibiting the art prize artworks and handing over the art prizes – we'll do exactly like in previous years at ARTe Sindelfingen, which will take place from March 19-22. We have booth number X7 on the upper floor, where we present aYll artworks. After ARTe, the exhibition will move to the KUN:ST quarter in Leonberg from March 26 to April 19, 2020 – also thru the Easter holidays. We are planning with 50 participants and we still have around seats available. More information and registration options are available here:

General Assembly 2020

The location and date of our General Assembly 2020 have been determined. It will take place on May 23rd, 2020 from 2 to 6 pm in Leonberg in the KUN:ST Quartier. As always, we are also looking for members who can imagine working in functions of the association (and in case of that please simply contact me). The informal part immediately afterwards we had to relocate for cost reasons and it will be in the Schlosshotel (castle hotel) in Höfingen.


We have been launching the new concept for our KUN:ST shop since December 1st. In the past, our KUN:ST shop was something like 'a small, separate exhibition'. We moved on and now our KUN:ST shop is like a 'shop for artworks of all kind', which we also present on our website:

Every artist of the association may present artworsk there (and optionally in the web shop) and we accept registrations for the art shop at any time:

Exhibitions 2020

Registration for the first three exhibitions of the year (Eiszeit (Ice age), Große Kunst (Great Art) and Personal Notes in March) is now closed. We are still accepting registrations for the remaining exhibitions in the first half of the year and we will announce the exhibitions in the second half of the year in the course of the first quarter. The following are currently open for registrations:
For the 15th time, artists and galleries based in the old town of Leonberg invite to the Lange Kunst Nacht (Long Night of Art) in the old town of Leonberg (LAKUNA). This is the key art event of the year in Leonberg. The KUN:ST Quartier will participate again in 2020.

In 2019, at the time of the LAKUNA, we had the art prize exhibition in the gallery. And in 2020, too, we want to show the LAKUNA artworks not just for one night, but as part of a gallery exhibition from April 23 to May 17, 2020.

We invite our artists to apply for the LUNA LAKUNA exhibition. We are planning with up to 10 artists, each with six artworks - and in addition, just for the LAKUNA night, with a few more small-format artworks, which each artist brings only for this evening.

The presence of the artist on the night of the LAKUNA is desired (but not mandatory). More information and the registration option can be found here:

Exchange exhibition 'Transparency' (June 2020)

In June, we'll host in Leonberg the Werkkreis Bildender Künstler (association if visual artists), Essen, and invite you to this exhibition:

Overlapping in time, we will be exhibiting at the premises of the WBK and our artists may register here to exhibit:

KUN:ST Academy

The curriculum of the workshops and training of our KUN:ST Academy can always be found here: https://kun-st-international.de/workshop-uebersicht/

Our next workshop "Selling art successfully - Ready for take off?" with our Inge Louven takes place from 20.01. - 22.01.2020 in the KUN:ST Quartier in Leonberg:
Selling art successfully - Ready for take off

We have recently announced a repetition of the workshop 'Design my homepage', which will take place (right after our general assembly) on May 25th and 26th, 2020 in Leonberg.

For all workshops in 2020 we accept applications.

News at a glance

Important for everyone for their own orientation is our website. Here you'll find

New members

Again this month we welcome new members and we look forward to their active participation, a personal get-together and many joint exhibitions and projects with our new members:
Roswitha Gronemann, Anke Sellner, Krisztina Dózsa-Farkas, Andreas Futter, Christa Kronig, Roswitha Bohmann
All the best and kind regards
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Your Andreas Kerstan
Kunst Stuttgart International e.V.