KUN:ST Newsletter Nr. 40
December 2019
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Dear KUN:ST artists

Now is the time, Christmas is coming and 2019 is coming to its end. It's time to pause for a moment, to look in the mirror and wonder, what am I doing? When we look in the mirror as an association, we are united by the passion we all feel for art, the sincerity and professionalism with which we encounter art, and our aspiration to lead our art out of irrelevance and to attach meaning to it in a social context. Art is not only beautiful, art has a mission.

In my personal assessment, we have made good progress on this journey. Our exhibitions and projects are not just the presentation of individual artworks, but they connect (Blue Harmony, Louvens ARTCircle), they have content ('I am human', 'Between representation and abstraction'), they highlight individual aspects (such as the single artist shows of Christine Elbe and Igor Eugen Prokop) or highlight a common theme, such as color spaces or our upcoming exhibition Ice Age.

Pluralism and professionalism at an unrivaled level of activity have accompanied us through the year, perhaps not perfect, and perhaps not always good enough, but in any case better than anything else that is recognizable around us.

And that's why we can all be proud and thank each other - and praise us – to some extend. It is a strength of our association that we have a high level of mobilization. In other words, we have many artists who help. Whether with cash donations or artwork donations for our 'KUN:ST FÜR UNS' exhibition, our supporters in the gallery, who ensure that our opening hours and events are covered, the supporters helping with our show set ups and dismantling - whether at art fairs or in Leonberg, our teachers in the KUN:ST Academy, our art advisory board, our webmasters, the overall board with its deputies - in total, these are more people than other art associations have members - and every one of us deserves our sincere thanks.

So, we look in the mirror and say thank you – to all of us.

What's important in the month of December?

Christmas party

First of all, we invite you to a small Christmas celebration party. We meet on Thursday, December 12th, 6:00 pm at the KUN:ST Quartier. Just like last year it's very informal and we organize a Christmas 'Kunstwichteln'. If you like, you can bring an (obviously small in value) artwork of yours from home, which we then put into a lottery among the 'Wichtel-Women and -Men'.

Merry Christmas

In December we present our Merry Christmas exhibition at the KUN:ST Quartier in Leonberg. As every year, we have designed a catalog that is printed and available online and, like every year, we have already sold some artworks before the show begins. Our online Christmas catalog 2019 has already been accessed 1,500 times:
Merry Christmas Catalog 2019

We cordially invite you to visit the Merry Christmas exhibition from
28 November 2019 to 5 January 2020 and invite you to visit today our
Show opening on December, 1st, 2019 at 2 pm.


As of today we are launching with our new concept of the KUN:ST shop. In the past our KUN:ST shop was something like 'a small, separate exhibition' and now we move to a model that it the KUN:ST shop becomes something like a 'a shop for smaller artworks'.

For our customers we present all artworks exhibited in the KUN:ST Shop on one 'invitational' website that customers and prospects may query the artworks offered in the KUN:ST Shop online:
Our KUN:ST Shop

We also offer again to our artists the option having presented the artworks in the web shop in the same time frame. For the start we are almost fully booked, but we always and permanently accept applications, which we then put in chronological order of registration for presentation in the KUN:ST shop.

With these changes, the terms of participation have changed ans well and all the details are available here:
Registration of works in the KUN: ST shop exhibit

General Assembly 2020

In our day-to-day business we already look forward to 2020. We have set the location and date for our annual membership meeting in 2020. This will take place on May 23, 2020 from 2 - 6 pm, again in Leonberg in the KUN:ST Quartier.

Immediately afterwards we'll have again an informal part with dinner and drinks, which will be only a few meters away from the KUN:ST Quartier (that no car ride is necessary).

Our statutes permit transfers of voting rights – or in other words you may ask someone else to vote in your name. For this and for registrations we have set up again a registration website.
Registration: General Assembly 2020

Exhibitions 2020

The registration for our members exhibition Eiszeit (Ice Age) in January 2020 is now closed. A first overview of the exhibits can be found here:
Members exhibition Eiszeit (Ice Age)

For the first half of the year, we still have exhibition capacity in all exhibitions. Additionally and as a new announcement this month we offer to register for the exhibition LUNA LAKUNA.

Große Kunst (Great Art) (February)

In particular, we would like to draw your attention to our exhibition 'Great Art'. Here we still have enough space and we consider that we want to fill the spaces 'between' the large painting visually appealing with sculptures and small sculptures. We think that this contrast may give this exhibition a very special, additional appeal. We invite our artists to register until 15 December.

For sculptures that have no side longer than 30 cm, we charge half price – or with other words one may exhibit two small sculptures for the price of one larger one. And of course we still accept applications for 'great paintings'. More information and the registration option can be found here:
Registration: Grosse Kunst (Great Art)

Personal Notes (March)

IIn March 2020 we will be testing the new 'Personal Notes' format for the first time. We combine four small solo exhibitions to a complete exhibition. For this first March exhibition, we are still specifically looking for an artist with free-standing three-dimensional artwork.
More information and the registration option can be found here:
Registration: Personal Notes

Art Prize 2020 „The fourth dimension“ (April)

We follow the schedule as in previous years. The art prize artworks and recognition ceremony will be presented and hosted on ARTe Sindelfingen, which this year will be held from 19-22. March 2020. Right after ARTe the exhibition moves to the KUN:ST Quartier and will be shown there from March 26 to April 19, 2020 – including the Easter holidays. More information and the registration option can be found here:
Registration: Die vierte Dimension (The fourth dimension)


For the 15th time, artists and galleries based in the old town of Leonberg invite to the Lange Kunst Nacht (Long Night of Art) in the old town of Leonberg (LAKUNA). This is the key art event of the year in Leonberg. The KUN:ST Quartier will participate again in 2020.

In 2019, at the time of the LAKUNA, we had the art prize exhibition in the gallery. And in 2020, too, we want to show the LAKUNA artworks not just for one night, but as part of a gallery exhibition from April 23 to May 17, 2020.

We invite our artists to apply for the LUNA LAKUNA exhibition. We are planning with up to 10 artists, each with six artworks - and in addition, just for the LAKUNA night, with a few more small-format artworks, which each artist brings only for this evening.

The presence of the artist on the night of the LAKUNA is desired (but not mandatory). More information and the registration option can be found here:
Registration: LUNA LAKUNA

Exchange exhibition 'Transparency' (June 2020)

In June, we'll host in Leonberg the Werkkreis Bildender Künstler (association if visual artists), Essen, and invite you to this exhibition:
WBK Essen - Transparenz (Transparency)

Overlapping in time, we will be exhibiting at the premises of the WBK and our artists may register here to exhibit:
Anmeldung: WBK Essen - Transparenz (Transparency)

KUN:ST Academy

The curriculum of the workshops and training of our KUN:ST Academy can always be found here: Workshop overview

Our next workshop "Selling art successfully - Ready for take off?" with our Inge Louven takes place from 20.01. - 22.01.2020 in the KUN:ST Quartier in Leonberg:
Selling art successfully - Ready for take off

For all workshops in 2020 we accept applications.

News at a glance

Important for everyone for their own orientation remains our website with the overview pages:

New members

Again this month we welcome new members and we look forward to their active participation, a personal get-together and many joint exhibitions and projects with our new members:
Maja Kessler, Maria Rebeca Capriles Heller, Kristina Breitenbach, Christine Münzing
All the best and kind regards
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Your Andreas Kerstan
Kunst Stuttgart International e.V.