KUN:ST Newsletter Nr. 39
November 2019
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Dear KUN:ST artists

how fast does a year pass by? As soon as you turn around, Christmas is just around the corner. It is still too early for a summary of the year, but in any case, we had numerous exhibitions and projects throughout the year. Only if we recall the three show openings in October with our gallery exhibition 'Global Warning' in Leonberg, the 'rein stofflich' exhibition in Bad Münstereifel and , 'Between Impression and Abstraction' in the WAAS.sche Fabrik in Geisenheim, the participation in the art fair in Copenhagen or our workshop 'Object Discussion', then this is a high quality activity level that remains unmatched, at least in Germany.

And because Christmas is coming soon, everyone is allowed to write 'his' or 'her' wish list. We in the management board wish that we could put the operation of our gallery in Leonberg on a long-term, sustainable and healthy financial and personal base. For this purpose, we have created a task force called 'Quo Vadis', which is currently preparing the prerequisites for the sustainable existence of our gallery and, at the latest at the next general meeting, we will introduce and approve this concept. One thing is already clear, we need more 'staff', more people, more members, who are willing to commit to a defined, small area of responsibility. On the financial side, we need a good utilization of our offers, such as to exhibit the offer in our KUN:ST shop or to participate in our member exhibition Eiszeit (ice age).

In any case, there is no reason to panic and we have - so we think - done everything reasonable well and have things firmly under control. However, we also feel that we are all working at the limit of capacity, and that is why we need these considerations and decisions to prepare our KUN:ST Quartier for the future.

An important personality of our association is that our treasurer Peer Beck wants to leave the board at his own request. Of course, we want to comply with his wish and in our last board meeting we appointed Eva Vogt as our treasurer with effect from 1 January 2020. We thank Peer for his support and cooperation and will officially recognize his contributions at our annual meeting.

That was a slightly longer introduction, but in return I summarize the other parts shorter :-)

Contemporary ceramics

In November we will be showing the exhibition 'Contemporary Ceramics' at KUN:ST Quartier in Leonberg. The exhibition was curated by our Peter Wichmann, who invited seven ceramists from Baden-Württemberg, Rhineland-Palatinate, Hesse, Thuringia and South Korea to present their artworks in our gallery. The exhibition will be supplemented with paintings by Prof. Dr. Gerhard Silber. We have already invited separately to this exhibition.

The management of KUN: ST Quartier and the entire board cordially invite you to the show opening on, which takes place – as an one-time exception on a Saturday, on 2 November 2019 at 5 pm. The exhibition itself is open until October 27, 2019 during usual gallery opening times.
More about the exhibition:


To finance the investments in our gallery in Leonberg we invited to the project 'KUN:ST FÜR UNS (KUN:ST FOR US)'. We would like to thank you for your generosity and your support to donate one of your artworks to this project – we had a great response – we received great artworks – some of them are already sold :-) From November 6 to December 1 we present in our KUN:ST Shop the KUN:ST-FOR-US-ARTWORKS and one may uy each artwork for 100 Euro. We'll also have a little show opening on Sunday, November 10 at 2 pm.

If you're unable to join, you can see the KUN:ST-FOR-US-ARTWORKS on our website and there you will also find more information:

New exhibitions 2020

For the remainder of 2019 our exhibition activities in our KUN:ST Quartier in Leonberg are fully planned and booked.

Recently we changed the way we run our KUN:ST-Shop. We run it now like a 'real' shop and artists may put the artworks from two up to six months into our gallery. We accept registrations on an on-going base ( (https://kun-st-international.de/kunst-quartier-galerieshop/). . Especially in this area we would like to encourage our members to sign up for this offer.

For the first exhibitions of the year 2020 we still have free capacity in all projects, that we are happy to accept applications.

For April, we are preparing an exhibition at the gallery in Leonberg for the LAKUNA (Long Night of Art), which will then go on for more than just this one weekend.

David & Goliath
After the exchange exhibition with the WBK Essen, we want to prepare an exhibition only for sculptures and then later in summer bring the New York David & Goliath project to the gallery in Leonberg, then open to all members (and not just those who were in New York).

Members Exhibition 2020 "Ice Age" (January)

As KUN:ST International, we have set ourselves the goal of hosting an annual exhibition of our members every two years. Right at the beginning of the year 2020 we are organizing our members exhibition 2020 in the gallery Leonberg according to the season under the theme 'Ice Age'. We have about 50 registrations so far - a few more would be more than welcomed, that we have extended the registration deadline to 15 November. Photos of artworks, more information and the registration option can be found here:

Great Art (February)

Often we get the feed back, that it is a pity that we limit the format size in our exhibitions. In this exhibition it is different, here the art can not be big enough - that's why we call it 'great art'.
More information and the registration option can be found here:

Personal Notes (March)

In March 2020 we will be testing the new 'Personal Notes' format for the first time. We combine four small solo exhibitions to a complete exhibition. For this first March exhibition, we are still specifically looking for an artist with free-standing three-dimensional artwork.
More information and the registration option can be found here:

Art Prize 2020 „The fourth dimension“ (March)

We have already announced our Art Prize 2020 in the well-known and proven format: presentation and award ceremony at ARTe 2020 in Sindelfingen, followed by an exhibition in the gallery. The chosen title "The Fourth Dimension" is intended to motivate in particular our three-dimensional working artists for the competition – but obviously everybody is welcomed. So far we have 20 registrations and have space for 30 more registrations.
More information and the registration option can be found here:

Exchange exhibition 'Transparency' with the WBK Essen

Under the theme 'Transparency' we organize an exchange exhibition with the WBK (Werkkreis bildender Künstler) Essen, which was initiated by our artist Andrea Rathert-Schützdeller. The WBK has a large gallery consisting of two shops and a basement connecting both units. The large shop windows are particularly suitable for sculptures.

We invite our artists to register for this exhibition. The core idea of this exhibition is to show a portfolio of artworks in 'small' groups of artworks by artist. For this reason, we allow registrations of up to 5 artworks.
More information and the registration option can be found here:

KUN:ST Academy

The next workshops of the KUN:ST Academy are the workshop 'Kunst ansprechend fotografieren' (the workshop is in German language) with Christopher Cocks on 16 November in Leonberg and the pilot workshop 'Self-Marketing of the Artist' with Andreas Kerstan in Bad Münstereifel. In any case, for both workshops, we have sufficient registrations that they will take place in any case and places are still available for both workshops.
More information and the registration option can be found here:

KUN:ST Dialogue

This month, our KUN:ST Dialogue will take place on November 14 and this time it's a very special occassion, as we talk with Jan Pascal about creativity in music. Tens of thousands of concert visitors annually, standing ovations, being treated like a celerity - Welcome Café del Mundo, Germany's hottest flamenco guitarist. The protagonists Jan Pascal and Alexander Kilian are basically opposites like fire and water - and yet they complement each other to a music act on a world level.
On this evening we want to know from Jan what means creativity for him, what unites us artists and connects across the different art genres (www.cafedelmundo.de). As always, we meet in the gallery after business close of the gallery at 6 pm.

Art Fairs 2020

According to the current plans, we will be represented at at the ARTe Sindelfingen in March 2020 with a booth, where we present the artworks submitted for the Art Prize 2020. In April 2020 we will be in New York at the ART Expo with our David & Goliath project, this project will be brought to the gallery in Leonberg over the summer and we will evaluate the opportunity to take the David artworks of the project in December 2020 to the Spectrum or Red Dot during Art Basel in Miami, which is then in any case again open to all members. Other art fairs are not (yet) planned.

News at a glance

Important for everyone for their own orientation is our website. Here you'll find

On our own matters

The attentive reader may not have missed it. Already months ago, we selected a new color palette in shades of blue for our association and gradually started to change the colors. For the first time our newsletter appears 'blue'. Also our member logo has changed and can be downloaded here for your own use.

New members

Again this month we welcome new members and we look forward to their active participation, a personal get-together and many joint exhibitions and projects with our new members: Nora Barasicz-Borgwardt, Annette Grunert, Helga-Maria Miethke, Gabrielle Mutti, Barbara Münstermann, Hannelore Schulz, Andrea Kautzmann, Astrid Hörr-Mann, Brigitte Gümoes and Gabriele Middelmann.
Many greetings to you
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Your Andreas Kerstan
Kunst Stuttgart International e.V.