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September 2019
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Dear KUN:ST International member

our KUN:ST Quartier in Leonberg is slowly growing out of its kids' shoes. At the beginning of August, we celebrated our one-year gallery birthday with a successful summer party. Based on the experience running the gallery business during this first year, there are some areas to change and to improve – and this is what this newsletter is about.

New opening hours at the KUN:ST Quartier

Based on our experience last year, we decided to change the opening hours of the KUN:ST Quartier on Saturdays and Sundays starting December 2019. We expect an even higher influx of visitors when the gallery opens
Saturday from 11 am to 4 pm and on
Sunday from 11 am to 4 pm.

Solo exhibitions with a new concept:
Personal Notes

The beautiful gallery rooms in KUN:ST Quartier in Leonberg offer enough space to present art in a high-quality environment - even several artists together, each almost as like in a solo exhibition.
Core idea of the new 'Personal Notes' exhibition series: At the same time, artworks by four different artists will be presented – not as a joint group exhibition, but in four individual positions, giving each artist (almost) a small solo exhibition with his or her personal, artistic messages.

For 2020 we announce two dates and a spring time slot for 2021, for which you may register effective immediately. The registrations take into account the order of receipt and therefore there is no registration deadline for each of the time slots. In consultation with the artists, we then consider which artists can be meaningfully shown together in an exhibition.

In case we receive significantly more registrations than available seats, then we will plan and publish additional time slots. More information you find on our website.

Gallery Godfather Program

It's going pretty well - the coverage of the gallery opening hours over the past few months. Many of you have now served in the gallery. Despite training, uncertainties still exist in some areas. Understandable, if you do only occasionally gallery service.

So Andreas Kerstan has made the proposal of introduction of gallery godfathers. The most important change: The gallery godparents do not get a credit, which one can redeem, but a the maximum monthly volunteer lump sum (Ehrenamtspauschale) of 60 € paid out.

The benefits for everyone involved are obvious. We can inform the godparents in all aspects of the gallery in trainings. We are then professionally positioned with our gallery. A training course is agreed individually with each gallery sponsor.
Here is the program to download:

Please register as gallery godfather by mail to kun-st@web.de. Thanks, we look forward to your commitment!

Galerieshop becomes KUN:ST SHOP
With a new concept

Our gallery shop is hardly recognizable in the KUN:ST Quartier and often it needs explanation that it doesn't belong to the current exhibition in the gallery

In the future KUN:ST SHOP will become more like a shop and our artists will be able to present artworks in the new KUN:ST SHOP starting December 1st (and still at Christmas time).

There will be a clear limitation in the size of the artworks, and the idea is to scale down with prices in this part of the KUN:ST Quartier.
More information and a registration option can be found here:

KUN:ST FOR US - charity exhibition

In our KUN:ST Gallery in Leonberg, we have invested a lot in recent months to improve the external appearance and lighting situation. These investments have significantly improved the value of the KUN:ST gallery and benefited all exhibiting members. The costs incurred were higher than expected because the individual measures were not yet known in the 2018 financial framework. In order to absorb some of these additional costs, we want to organize a charity exhibition under the name "KUN:ST FOR US". We look forward to your registration right here:

Announcement of gallery exhibitions

To make this newsletter worth reading, just a short outline of the planned in 2020 exhibitions. You'll find the individual announcement of our exhibitions and registrations - in the respective newsletters to come and on our homepage.

January 2020 Ice Age (member exhibition)
February 2020 "Great" Art (Membership Exhibition)
March 2020 Personal Notes (members are exhibiting)
April 2020 Art Prize and LAKUNA (member exhibition)
May 2020 The End of the World (curated by Kerstan Gallery)
June 2020 Transparency (exhibition of WBK Essen)
July 2020 sculptures (member exhibition)
August 2020 David & Goliath (member exhibition)
September 2020 Personal Notes
October 2020 not yet occupied
November2020 JohannaS and friends
December 2020 Merry Christmas
All information can be found on our website.

With cordial Leonberg - Greetings
Birgit C. Schryvers | Peter Wichmann
Management KUN:ST Quartier
Tel .: +49 7152 61 90 888