[KUN:ST] Newsletter Nr. 35
July 2019
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Dear [KUN:ST] artists

Summer is right in front of us and during summer times also the art world is moving a bit slower. Last month, the highlights were our exhibition in Copenhagen and Louvens ARTCircle in our gallery in Leonberg. As always, photos of the exhibitions can be found on our Facebook page:

In the month of July we will be showing the exhibition 'I am ... just human' in the Kunstquartier in Leonberg. Many of our activities are based on initiatives and suggestions from our members. In this case, our Eva Leopoldi gave with her idea the initial spark for this exhibition and also significantly contributed to the design. Eva, the management of the [KUN:ST] Quartier and the entire board cordially invite you to the Vernissage on Sunday, 7 July 2019 at 2 pm.

Sommerfest (Summer party) in the [KUN:ST] Quartier Quartier on the 10th of August

We celebrate the anniversary of the opening of our [KUN:ST] Quartier - and of course we celebrate ourselves - on Saturday, 10th August 2019 from 2pm to 6pm. At this time, we are showing an exhibition with artworks by artists of the art association Artifex, and we extend our invitations to all Artifex artists - and of course we invite our best customers.

Apart from that, we have announced a whole series of new activities in the last newsletter to which our members can now register:
Merry Christmas, Regionalization, Art Fair Participation and [KUN:ST] Academy

Gallery exhibition Merry Christmas

This year's exhibition takes place from November 28, 2019 to December 22, 2019 only in Leonberg and exclusively for members. The vernissage is on Sunday, December 1st, 2019, 2 pm. The rules are otherwise the same as last year.
More information and the registration option can be found here:
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In autumn 2019 we want to pilot a new and big topic. The core idea of ​ this pilot is a regionalization of [KUN:ST] International activities and offers. Exhibitions and academy offers of the association are to take place not only in Stuttgart / Leonberg, but also in geographically different regions.

[KUN:ST] International organizes the exhibition "rein stofflich" from October 12th to November 24th, 2019 at the Kunst + Hotelchen an der Rauschen (https://www.hotelchen-an-der-rauschen.de/) and invites [KUN:ST] International artists to apply for this exhibition.
Information and registration for the exhibition ...

On November 23, [KUN:ST] International and its [KUN:ST] Academy will be offering the workshop Artists Self-Marketing in Bad Münstereifel. Content of the one-day workshop is a summary of the main topics on self-promotion website, artist's CV, pricing, applications, exhibitions and fairs.
Information and registration for the workshop ...

Art Fair Participation

Copenhagen: We registered for a booth at the art fair 'Kunst für Alle' in Copenhagen in early October. Registration for the art fair is still available up to the end of the month on our website:
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New York: After this year's success, we want to return to ART Expo New York in 2020. We have already secured a booth in the best possible location and invite our artists to register for our Harmony project David & Goliath.
More information here ...
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[KUN:ST] Academy

Workshop for Painting - Duett

Among our members we have many artists who are active as lecturers themselves and even those who run their own art academy. So far, we cover mainly the area of self-promotion and self-marketing in our own academy and now want to offer for the first time a workshop for painting. For this pilot we plan to use the premises of the Freien Kunstakademie Römerstein, which is located in the Swabian Alb and is the art academy of our Petra Nowak.

The workshop will take place from the 4th to the 8th of September 2019, including the arrival and departure days (Wednesday and Sunday), the physical workshop will be held on the 5th / 6th / 7th of September. The cost of the workshop is 220 Euro and we plan with 10 participants.

The core idea of the entire workshop is that our members get to know each other better and to exchange ideas both artistically and personally. That's why we put the workshop under the theme 'duet' with the idea that two artists work together on the canvas and we set jointly a theme for the workshop. And, of course, at the end of each day, there will be a review of the results and informal exchanges.
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Self-management of the artist

The next big workshop from 15.07. - 17.07.2019 is 'self-management of the artist' and this workshop is aimed at artists who want to experience the 1 x 1 of self-marketing and develop their own art management. You can still register until 02.07.2019.
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Kunsthalle Vogelmann

On July 10, we plan a joint visit to the Kunsthalle Vogelmann. Dr. Marc Gundel was part of the Kun:st dialogue in our gallery in Leonberg and this is now the return visit. He will personally introduce us to the exhibition. After the museum visit, we invite you to an exchange of impressions and ideas during a small drink.
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News at a glance

Important for all for your own orientation remains our overview page 'News at a glance'. There we have listed all services for our members and there are always the registration options for the individual exhibitions and projects of the association:

New members

Again this month we welcome new members and we look forward to their active participation, a personal get-together and many joint exhibitions and projects with our new members: Esther Weiss, George Emil Odermath, Larisa Bamberg-Bruchman, Helena Blümel, Birgit Deuschle und Andreas Horstmann.
All the best and kind regards
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Yours Andreas Kerstan
Kunst Stuttgart International e.V.