KUN:ST Newsletter Nr. 30
February 2019
Dear KUN:ST artists

Winter still has a firm grip on us, but we are looking already forward to the spring time coming up ahead of us. The 'red carpet' we roll out for the spring season is our exhibition Farbräume (Color Spaces) with the artists Soussen, Ingrid Lemke, Catharina de Rijke, Klaudia Thiel, Gisa Klemm, Elke Reis, Karl-Heinz Kalbhenn and Andre Veith. The show opening will be next Sunday, 03.02.2019 at 2 pm and we cordially invite all our customers, prospects and members with friends & family.
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KUN:ST Dialogue

Another special highlight in the month of February is the guest lecture of the sculptor Gunther Stilling on February 14th starting at 6 pm in our gallery in Leonberg. Gunther is a well known artist and professor of art and we rarely will have such a well known and competent guest again in our premises and therefor this presentation is an absolute must :-).
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Art Prize 2019

The application deadline for our 2019 KUN:ST Art Prize officially ended on January 31st. However, already in mid-January we had more registrations than the 80 seats available, that we had to shorten the registration deadline. We will present the Art Prize exhibition "Blue Harmony" at ARTe 2019 at the end of March and right afterwards in our gallery in Leonberg.

In particular, the format restrictions associated with the thematic specification have led to an exciting exhibition portfolio, which we will present also 2019 in detail and with comments from the participating artists in a high quality exhibition catalog.
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A special and positive event for KUN:ST International right at the beginning of the year was the acquisition of two sponsors: the Sparkasse Leonberg and the Sparkassen-Versicherung, which each support us with four-figure amounts. With their contributions we want to enhance the lighting in the gallery, especially in the downstairs exhibition space. The acquisition of these funds deserves a very special thanks to our Petra Schmidt and Peter Wichmann.

First half year projects

If we look forward to the remainder of our first half projects we are on one side happy about the acceptance of our projects, exhibitions and workshops, on the others side in some of them we'll soon reach our capacity limit:
Frühlingserwachen (Deadline 28.02.2019), more ...
Memento Mori in Copenhagen (Deadline 28.02.2019), more ...
Photography Exhibition (Deadline 31.03.2019), more ...

We do have free capacities in our gallery shop from May 2019 onward, more ...

Our projects in the second half of the year

In today's newsletter we announce the first projects of the second half of the year. Our artists get now more information and may register on:
I AM ... JUST ONLY HUMAN, more ...
Ego in the box, more ...

In the autumn of this year, from October 15 to December 2, we'll exhibit again in the WAAS.sche Fabrik in Geisenheim and the idea is to have there a photography exhibition, more ...

And then we'll still have the remainder of the gallery exhibitions. We want to offer again in the second half of the year the possibility of a solo exhibition (or 2 to 3 artist who want to self-organize their exhibition) and just before Christmas the Merry Christmas exhibition will be back.

Art Fair participation

I get inquiries about trade fair participation, which we organize in principle, ut obviously we need a minimum number of artists to join to share the costs. Currently there are inquiries from some of you for the following fairs: Discovery Art Fair Cologne, ARTe Wiesbaden, Parattissima Turin and Spectrum Miami. The prices range from about 150 euros per linear meter of wall for Wiesbaden and Turin, to Cologne, where we paid 400 euros in 2018 and Spectrum is certainly more. If you are interested in one or the other fair, just contact me. If there is enough demand then we work on an offer to participate in one or more of these fairs.

KUN:ST Academy

First experiences with our KUN:ST Academy are very positive and the demand for the different topics shows that we are on the right track. I think we are still looking for the right balance between short and crisp workshops, which are then more likely to be accepted by artists who arrive and depart on the same day and larger 2-3 day blocks, for which then it's also worth a journey from further outside. In search of this balance, we have now recombined a few workshops and offer in July a 2.5-day self-management workshop for artists, more ...

General Annual Meeting 2019

And don't forget: we invite you to our General Annual Meeting on February 23, 2019 from 2 - 6 pm to Leonberg in our gallery. Registrations or cancellations with or without reassignment of your voting rights are possible here:
Registration General Annual Meeting 2019

News at a glance

Important for all for your own orientation remains our overview page 'News at a glance'. There we have listed all services for our members and there are always the registration options for the individual exhibitions and projects of the association:

New members

Again this month we welcome new members and we look forward to their active participation, a personal get-together and many joint exhibitions and projects with our new members: Christoph Berstecher, Mirela Halitzki, Veronika Hilpert, Silicya Roth, Dr. Dagmar Berg und Karina Ebner alias Karina Laru-Na.
Winter greetings send you
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Yours Andreas Kerstan
Kunst Stuttgart International e.V.