General Meeting 2019

Saturday, February 23, 2019

Dear KUN:ST artists,

our annual General Meeting will take place on Saturday, February 23, 2019, in the Kunstquartier in Leonberg. The beginning is 2 pm, the planned end is 6 pm. We know that fitting into the location is an ambitious project with regard to the available space, but for cost reasons, we want to plan it that way first. If we see that the number of registrations exceeds the capacity, then we reserve the right to relocate the venue within Leonberg.

The registration form is here: Login page

The General Meeting is the most important event of our association, many decisions and all elections are exclusively reserved for it. I hereby invite you to our ordinary general meeting 2019 in accordance with the statutes of association. After the General Meeting, we will organize a sociable get-together starting at 7 pm that we'll have time as well for networking and getting to know each other better.

Within the association we are never enough people for all the tasks and roles to be performed and in case you want to volunteer to become part of the extended team, then such offers are always more than welcome and in this case just contact me.

On our agenda we have the following topics:
  1. Start | 2.00 pm | Welcome by the chairman of the association Andreas Kerstan and presentation of the chairman of the meeting and the secretary.
  2. Determination of the proper convocation and quorum of the general meeting. Determination of the votes present.
  3. Annual report for the past financial year 2018 and discharge of the Management Board
    • Annual report by the chairman Andreas Kerstan
    • Annual report of the Treasurer Michael Weick
    • Report of the auditors Elke Gaertner and Wolfgang Haack
    • Resolution on the discharge of the Management Board for the financial year 2018
  4. Break | 3.30 pm
  5. Statute changes and elections | 3.45 pm
    • Presentation and vote on the amendments as proposed by the Board. Proposed amendments to the Articles of Association are highlighted in red in the versions deposited behind the link and essentially concern the elections of the Management Board members and the auditors.
    • Regular elections of the vice-chairman, the board member for artistic direction and the board member for education and training.
    • Extraordinary election of the treasurer.
    • Upon acceptance of the amendments to the articles of association in §8, paragraph 1, item 5, in addition ordinary elections of the deputy members of the management board.
    • Upon acceptance of the amendments to the articles of association in §10, paragraph 1, in addition to ordinary elections of one or two auditors.
    • Regular elections of three art advisory board members.
    • Extraordinary election of one art advisory board member.
  6. Break | 4.15 pm
  7. Projects 2019 | 4.30 pm
    • KUN:ST Academy
    • KUN:ST Quartier
    • All other projects
  8. Requests of members
    (currently none are available)
  9. Miscellaneous
Geplantes Ende ist 18.00 Uhr. Anträge zur Agenda seitens der Mitglieder liegen derzeit keine vor. Anträge zur Ergänzung der Agenda oder andere Anträge bitte bis 31. Januar 2019 an kun-st@web.de schicken. Danke.

Our planned end is 6 pm. There are currently no agenda requests by our members. If you do have requests please send them by 31 January 2019 to kun-st@web.de. Thank you. Who already knows that he or she cannot particpate: our statute allows that one may transfers his or her voting right to someone else. That's can be easily done on our registratoin page.
The board and me personally are looking forward to a positive and constructive general meeting and of course to have together some networking and exchange besides and after our meeting.

Best regards
Ein Bild von ...
Andreas Kerstan
Kunst Stuttgart International e.V.