KUN:ST Newsletter Nr. 27
November 2018
Dear KUN:ST artists

Highlights in November

In October we had several exhibition events and openings in Leonberg, Klagenfurt, Stuttgart and Burg Stettenfels.

Here you will find impressions of the annual exhibition at Burg Stettenfels:

In November we will take it a little easier. The highlights in November are the show openings in the
Stuttgart Amtsgericht, November 22nd at 6.30 pm and the
Merry Christmas exhibition, November 25th at 2.00 pm in the Quartier in Leonberg.


We are already looking forward to the upcoming year 2019. With our newsletter on October 20th we have announced rule changes for our webshop, which should simplify its use and make it cheaper and hence more attractive for our artists.

KUN:ST Academy

Already on September 25th we announced our extensive academy program. There are already registrations for all workshops, thank you very much. In all workshops there are also free capacities. To give you more planning security, the board decided in its last meeting that we will in any case perform all workshops on the announced dates - or in other words, if one registers for a workshop and receives a confirmation mail can be sure that he attends this particular workshop.

Available seats in upcoming workshops

- Facebook & Instagram - Social Media for Artists
November 16th, 2018, 3 seats available
Registration form:

- Winter Academy in the KUN:ST Quartier,
10.1. - 12.01.2019, 5 seats available
Registration form:

As part of the Winter Academy there will be for all participants a two-week exhibition in our gallery following the workshop. Exhibition will be from 12.01. - 27.01.2019,
Show opening is on 12.01.2019 at 2.00 pm.

Exhibition activities in KUN:ST Quartier

For all our exhibition activities in KUN:ST Quartier in the first half of 2019 we still have vacancies. Namely, these are the exhibitions
Art Prize 2019

The exact dates and the respective registration deadlines can be found on our overview website:

Harmony New York

For the exhibition in New York (https://kun-st-international.de/einladung-anmeldung-harmony-new-york-2019/) we have one or 21 seats for artworks available. On our previously booked booth is only room for one additional piece of art. But since we have had an option for the neighboring booth from the beginning, we may increase our current booth size by 50%. If you are still interested in New York, you should register in November, because we have to take the option of the neighboring booth until the end of November.

Exhibition Memento Mori

Since I have received further inquiries: the exhibition Memento Mori (https://kun-st-international.de/anmeldung-ausstellung-memento-mori-kopenhagen/) in Copenhagen is juried and hence commitments for participation, we can only provide after the registration deadline on 28.02.2019.

I have also been asked how artists are selected for an exhibition. For juried exhibitions, we always involve our art advisory board, we make sure that no one judges, who takes part in the exhibition and – like in Copenhagen, we make sure that we have someone from the local, danish team in the jury.

For all activities in the KUN:ST Quartier, we have set ourselves a set of rules that should guarantee a neutral and transparent selection. You can find these rules here: Künstlerauswahl

Project Frühjahrsputz (Spring Cleaning)

A special representation of our artists is our association's yearbook
(https://kun-st-international.de/kunst-jahrbuch-2018/). Our project "Frühjahrsputz” (Spring Cleaning) ends on 30.11.2018. The project is to update existing entries and to motivate as many as possible artists who have recently joined our association to present themselves with a short portrait and a selection of works in the yearbook. We print the first version of the yearbook 2019 with the data as of November 30th.

If you still want to participate in the Frühjahrsputz, you may register here:

So far, app. 40 artists have registered or updated their data.

In our first KUN:ST Dialogue of the Year 2019, on Thursday, January 10th, 2019, 6.00 pm, we'll introduce and present the new yearbook and hand out personally copies :-).

The KUN:ST Dialog

In the upcoming month November, the KUN:ST Dialogue will take place on November 8th, 2018 at 6.00 pm. Günther Sommer reports in KUN:ST Quartier about The Bob Dylan Project. We also want to exhibit this project in our gallery in the future and invite our artists, so this evening is of particular interest.

News at a glance

Important for all for your own orientation remains our overview page 'News at a glance'. There we have listed all services for our members and there are always the registration options for the individual exhibitions and projects of the association:

New members

Again this month we welcome new members and we look forward to the active participation, a personal get-together and many joint exhibitions and projects with our new members: Verena Barisch-Wild, Isolde Folger, Renate John, Regine Westphal, Renate Kirchhof, Kristina Negele-Holder, Manuela Rathje, Petra Friedrich, Katrin Geigenmüller, Gisa Klemm, Cindy Rosenburg.
Send you my warmest greetings
Ein Bild von ...
Andreas Kerstan
Kunst Stuttgart International e.V.