KUN:ST Newsletter Nr. 25
September 2018
Dear KUN:ST friends,

the summer is slowly coming to an end and behind us is a month with probably the biggest milestone in our association's history: the opening of our KUN:ST Quatier. It was a great and successful opening and since the 5th of August we have the KUN:ST Quartier regularly open from Thursday to Sunday.

So far everything is running perfectly:
We have a lot of trained support from our members to cover the opening hours, we have visitors and we have the first sales, so all this together provides us with encouragement for the future.

Impressions of the opening
We have compiled optical impressions of the opening for you:

Planning 2019

Running the KUN:ST Quartier impose a high responsibility on the board. We have already revised the entire financial planning of our association and the KUN:ST Quartier in particular.

On 08.09.2018 a planning meeting will take place to determine the academy activities for 2019. The overall management board and a small selection of representatives of members of the association will meet for a planning session on 17 and 18.11.2018 to set the course for the entire year 2019.

Projects and exhibitions in 2019 in our KUN:ST Quartier

Our high-speed-train-KUN:ST-journey continues unabated. With today's newsletter we announce the following exhibitions:
10.01. - 27.01.2019 - Winter Academy
31.01. - 24.02.2019 - Farbräume (Color Spaces)
01.05. - 26.05.2019 - Fotografie Ausstellung (Photography Exhibition)
28.02. - 24.03.2019 - Solo exhibition in the gallery with one or two artists

Registrations for the above ehibitions are now possible:
Winter Academy
Farbräume (Color spaces)
Fotografie Ausstellung (Photography Exhibition)
Solo Exhibition

28.03. – 14.04.2019 - KUN:ST Art Prize Blue Harmony 2019
In April, after ARTe, we have the KUN:ST Art Prize 2019 exhibition in the gallery. Registration is possible via the registration page of the Art Prize 2019. During this exhibition, the Lange Kunstnacht (Long Art Night) in Leonberg will take place, which will bring numerous visitors to our gallery, a special motiviation to join the KUN:ST Art Prize Blue Harmony 2019.

18.04. - 28.04.2019 - Easter - Special Exhibition
Frühlingserwachen (Spring Awakening)

All year round - gallery and webshop
Our offers to present artworks in our webshop or in the gallery shop have a permanent and all year-round existence, however, the next exhibition period in the gallery shop from November 2018 to February 2019 is already fully booked, but we are already accepting applications for the following exhibition period from February to May:

Other association's activities

The KUN:ST Quartier means a lot for our art association, but not everything. That's why we will continue to have activities outside the KUN:ST Quartier
the exhibition at Burg Stettenfels
the exhibition in New York
and we are currently preparing the registration page for our exhibition in Copenhagen in June 2019.

News at a glance

Important for your own orientation is our overview page "News at a glance". All services for our members as well as registration options for the individual exhibitions are summarized there:

New Members

The attractiveness of our association has continued unabated and especially the opening of our KUN:ST Quartier has given us a whole lot of new members. We sincerely welcome Peter Brössler, Karin Pinato, Heinke Harpprecht-Danner, Brigitte Jäckel, Sonja Kater, Tanja Selten, Christa Gläser, Angelika Schmidt, Margareta Leuthardt, Sonja Schlappinger, Christine Rummel, Peter Feichter und Petra Nowak.
As always with new members, we look forward to your active participation, a personal get-together and many joint exhibitions and projects.

Personal note

Finally, a personal note from my side. Many of you already know it, some do not: I will close my gallery in Stuttgart at the end of the year. As a trained banker and business economist, I let the numbers speak and they speak for themselves. The gallery has claimed the largest share of my available working time and made financially the worst contribution of all my activities. I am convinced that the gallery model has become obsolete and that the key to success depends in the future on the professional self-promotion of artists – and being convinced of this I am in our association just right :-)
Send you my warmest greetings
Ein Bild von ...
Andreas Kerstan
Kunst Stuttgart International e.V.