KUN:ST Newsletter Nr. 24
August 2018
Dear KUN:ST artists,

Welcome to our newsletter in August, almost completely dedicated to the opening of our gallery in Leonberg. Even though not everything is perfect yet, we are now able to professionally present the artwork of our artists in our space starting August 5. For our opening we invite you once again:
Opening and summer party
and the vernissage of our summer academy
Sunday, August 5, 2 pm
Schmalzstrasse 4 | 71229 Leonberg
(Parking in the Altstadtparkhaus)

Representatives of the city of Leonberg and the press will be present.

Exhibition possibilities in the remaining year 2018

In the KUN:ST QUARTIER we offer for 2018 the following exhibition activities:

Exhibition program 1st half of 2019

We will work on the exhibition program in KUN:ST QUARTIER for the first half of 2019 and announce it in the next newsletter.

There is now a price list for all services that we offer in the KUN:ST QUARTIER.

Current Projects - News at a glance

All other references to our projects, the art prize 2019, to Harmony New York, to the exhibition in the Stuttgart Amtsgericht, to our workshops and to all the services we offer you, such as our yearbook, your presentation on our website and how to publish your own projects and exhibitions on our website, you can find all that under News at a glance.

Technical Information - Newsletter / Webshop

Purely technical information are that we have a new distribution system for our communication as of this newsletter. This newsletter will be sent for the first time via our website.

We will also change the technical platform of our webshop this month.

Complications with the application forms

We have set up our website so that all registrations for our projects and exhibitions are to be made online.

There are indications that these applications are not always sent successfully.
Important to know, for every successful registration the applicant will receive a
Confirmation message (on the monitor)
and a
Confirmation mail (in mail inbox)
with the data you entered.

If this information is not provided, please contact us at
If you can't cope with uploading the image data, you can alternatively send your data to kun-st@web.de by separate mail.

New members

Also in July we were able to welcome again many new members. Namely these are: Manfred Wendel, Kristina Schwarz, Margret Eberhardt, Annegret Poschlep, Ute Kleist, Ulrike Haus, Nicole Höger-Junge, Friederike Strauß, Eva Leopoldi, Angelika Lill-Pirrung, Rita Köberlein, Petra Maire und Ursula Winkeler. A warm welcome to all of you. As always with new members, we look forward to your active participation, a personal meeting and many joint exhibitions and projects.
It sends you warm and summerly KUN:ST QUARTIER Greetings
Ein Bild von ...
Andreas Kerstan
Kunst Stuttgart International e.V.