Newsletter 63
November 2021
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Dear KUN:ST artists,

the end of the year is now approaching with giant steps. One week ago, the association had its general annual meeting in Sindelfingen. We will send the detailed protocol separately. In essence, the general meeting followed the recommendations of the board to direct the future activities of the association back to national and international exhibition projects and trade fair participations and to give the association a co-chair leadership and a marketing board member. The association will no longer operate the gallery in Leonberg after June 30, 2022.

Particularly motivating was the renewed willingness of the artists present to actively participate in the future design and projects of the association. So now a larger and regionally more widely distributed management team is starting into 2022.

We would like to say thank you again to the board members Manfred Alex-Lambrinos, Ruth Schleeh, Birgit Schryvers and Peter Wichmann, who have already left the board, as well as the departing art advisory board members Elke Gaertner, Monika Schuh-Wibmer and Christine Euchner. Special thanks go to our Petra Schmidt, co-founder of the association and deputy chairwoman from the beginning, who has now withdrawn from active work at her own request.

Newly elected are the new co-chair president Maja Smoltczyk, Sabine Oecking, Eva Michielin and Klaus-Dieter Eberhardt as board members, Karin Wendelin-Gruber, Marlis G Schill, Regine Lechner-Grotz and Bettina Schob as art advisors and as auditors Silke Brose and Roswitha Gronemann. A first overview of the new team - still without assignment of tasks - can be found in the attachment. The new team will be constituted this November, tasks and projects will be defined and assigned and communicated as our 2022 plan.

Until November 7th we are presenting in our gallery the exchange exhibition with the Kunstverein Obere Nahe (more about Werkschau Kunstverein Obere Nahe e.V.) and in the Kunstsalon ceramics by Gabriele Hirschfeld and Angela Eichhorn (more about heads-capsules-balls). The opening of our presentation in Birkenfeld was on October 29th and the exhibition 'Autumn Views' can be viewed until November 21 (more about Autumn Views).

This will be followed by our Christmas exhibition Merry Christmas and in the Kunstsalon we will show artworks by Marlis G Schill.

At the beginning of the year, the year starts with the presentation of our new members in the exhibition 'Die Neuen', then we have the artist group Videmus as guests again and then the big farewell exhibition 'Bye, bye, Leonberg' follows, which we will be announcing shortly. Until then, I will act as the contact person for the gallery myself.

Upcoming exhibitions in the KUN:ST Quartier

Merry Christmas 2021
more about Merry Christmas 2021

Afterglow | Special exhibition Marlis G Schill
more about Afterglow

Exhibition duration:
11/13/2021 - 12/19/2021
Show Opening:
Sunday November 14th | 11.15 am
Opening hours:
Thursday and Friday: 2 pp – 6 pm
Saturday and Sunday: 11 am – 4 pm

The Kunstquartier will be closed from December 20, 2021 to January 8, 2022.

Die Neuen (THE NEW)

Under the motto 'We are the new ones', the exhibition will again be called 'Die Neuen (The new ones)' and all members who joined after 1.1.2020 are qualified for participation. Otherwise, the same rules apply as for the exhibition at the beginning of 2021. All other details can be found on the registration page. It is important that the registration deadline is November 15, 2021.
Registration THE NEW


In our digital exhibition 'Aufbruch' a total of three exhibition halls are now 'live'. This 'digital successor' to our previous yearbook is a presentation platform for the artists of our association with a selection of their artworks. The option to register is permanent and possible at any time. A visit is worth it in any case:
more about AUFBRUCH
Registration AUFBRUCH


In these times it is important to stay in digital dialogue. For this we have our online overview of our key topics:
Kind regards
Maja Smoltczyk and Andreas Kerstan
Co-Vorsitzende des Kunst Stuttgart International e.V.