KUN:ST Newsletter Nr. 56
April 2021
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Dear KUN:ST artist

the third Corona wave spills over the world, over Germany, also over Kunst International and mixed up quite a few things. But there is no need to worry and to stick to the seaman's jargon that we appreciate so much: Despite the harsh winds, we set the sails and stay on course for the sea of art after Corona.

We have changed our exhibition calendar again for the first half of the year: We are now completely canceling 'Transparency', postponing the 'Die Neuen' exhibition by one month and extending the upcoming 'LA LUNA' exhibition by one month and are ack to our regular schedule with the Kunst Art Prize exhibition. You can find all our schedules on our website:
Overview of exhibition dates

The district of Böblingen was constantly at the - in the current comparison – low incidence of under 100. The first opening day in the gallery will be Thursday, April 8th. Everyone, whether customer, interested party or artist, can book 'their' visiting time on our website: Book a visiting appointment and thus we ensure that only one person or people from one household is in the gallery at a time. Having said this, we invite you to:

LA LUNA + The EVA manifesto in the art salon with Eva Michielin
April 8th, 2021 - May 24th, 2021 (Whit Monday)


Since we are still in lockdown mode, we are also extending our special campaign for our digital Aufbruch exhibition until at least April 18, 2021. The exhibition is now filling up really well and we have now completed the second exhibition hall with artworks of our members and are already working on the exhiition hall 3. A visit is definitely worth it:

Registrations for this exhibition are possible all year round - and until April 18th at our Lockdown Easy Package conditions:
Registration departure

KUN:ST Art Prize 2021

There are positive things to say about our art prize exhibition. In order to shorten the time to the exhibition and to maintain the tension, we have announced a public voting award and, in addition to customers and interested parties, invited all of our artists to take part in this online vote. It is positive and newsworthy at this point in time that more than 750 people have already taken part in the vote. If you want to vote until June 20th, you can do so here:
For audience voting


Even if we as an association have come through the financial corona rounds quite well so far, in the end the gallery rent puts some pressure on the financial mood. In 2019 we had a very successful charity exhibition 'Art for Us', which we want to build on in 2021. At that time, we also received a lot of feedback on how the format can be improved. Of course we tried to implement at least some of that and hence we will have flexible prices in 2021 and part of the proceeds will go to the artist. You can register and find all information here:
Registration KUN:ST FÜR UNS

Team in the KUN:ST Quartier

It is a pleasure for me to announce that from May 1st we have hired two students from art management: Magdalena Kirch and Sarah Siegmund, who will both support us in the gallery - especially on the weekends. Then I don't announce, but remind you that there is a large team that supports us all in the background: first and foremost our webmaster Betty Schmidt, our web support Maria Kessing, our digital exhibition organizer Ingo Henning and our social media marketing expert Soussen. In addition, there is our volunteer supporter base in the gallery. We have signed 13 agreements for this year, which is significantly more than in 2020 and last but not least our art advisory councils and board members.

And if you are wondering about the large number: the association and especially the gallery actually cost a lot of time. We have learned that we can run both successfully and over the long term if we distribute this burden not on a few but on many shoulders and in this respect everyone is invited to be actively involved.

Stay in touch

In these times it is important to stay in digital dialogue. For this we have our online overview of our key topics:
Kind Regards
Andreas Kerstan, 1. Vorsitzender Kunst Stuttgart International e.V.
Andreas Kerstan
Kunst Stuttgart International e.V.